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I am a London based all-round sound guy. I’ve scored advertisements and short films; created dramatic audio pieces, podcasts and soundscapes; engineered animation voiceovers and produced over a hundred audiobooks.

I started as a mechanical engineer, and spent some years as a patent researcher shovelling intellectual snow, before leaving to pursue a career as an environmental documentarist. After an expedition to a remote Canadian marine research station, I devoted myself to audio work, and began honing my craft in earnest.

I believe in the power that sound has over our minds, bodies and emotions, and want to use it as a force for good in our search for better ways in which to live.

And because ears sometimes aren’t enough, I also create visual works, including illustrations, comics, photographs and words on paper.

I do all these things, and tomorrow I’ll do even more. Get in touch if you have a project that I can help with creatively or technically, or even just to say hi.



My recent clients include:

SEE By Chloé

Revolution Beauty

In The Dark Radio


Twin Magazine

Modern Weekly China

Penguin Random House

Harper Collins

Bloomsbury Publishing




The Second Shelf